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DC - 18 GHz Precision Performance

•   7mm Precision Performance
  • Broad Frequency Band Coverage
  • Low VSWR - 50 Ohm - High Performance.
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Interface Construction


Midwest Microwave's 7mm series of coaxial Terminations provide tem- perature stable, ruggedly built, precision performance in light weight rea- sonably sized packages using stainless steel connectors and in the case of medium power units, black anodized finned aluminum housings to dis- sipate heat efficiently. Low VSWR performance is exhibited and units are suitable for laboratory test systems as well as operating systems.


7mm Precision DC - 18 GHz


Impedance: 50 Ohms Frequency: DC - 18.0 GHz VSWR: 1.03 + 0.003 f (GHz)

Power: 2 Watts average @ +25 oC derated linearly to 0.5 Watts @ +125 oC

Peak Power: 1 Kilowatt

Operating Temperature Range: -54 oC to +125 oC

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