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Tektronix TFS3031 TekRanger® 2 Improves Fiber Optic Cable Measurement Capabilities


BEAVERTON, OREGON (March 31, 1997)--Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK), announced today the availability of its new TFS3031 TekRanger® 2 mini-OTDR with enhanced IntelliTraceTM measurements. The TekRanger 2 features improved capabilities that allow IntelliTrace measurements to be traceable to National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) standards. Improvements in dynamic range, measurement range and dead zone performance combine to set a new standard for mini-OTDRs. TekRanger 2 is also compatible with Tektronix' new Windows-based FMTAPTM 3.0 advanced documentation and analysis software. These and other new enhancements make the TFS3031 TekRanger 2 the most versatile mini-OTDR available.

New IntelliTrace Functionality Now Has Traceability to NIST

Enhanced IntelliTrace capabilities provide the most reliable and repeatable loss and distance measurements of any mini-OTDR. The software automatically adjusts and optimizes acquisition parameters to provide the best possible measurement results.

Unique in the industry, IntelliTrace single-mode loss and distance measurements are traceable to NIST standards for fiber-optic measurement. Users can be confident of the reliability of their measurements because the hardware and software, as a system, are traceable to NIST. Other OTDRs limit accuracy specifications to hardware performance only. Traceability is very important to companies certified to the demanding ISO 9001 standards.

New Windows-Based (Windows 95 and 3.1) FMTAP Advanced Documentation and Analysis Software

In many cases, installation or maintenance requires information beyond what can be provided via mini-OTDR displays. TekRanger 2 offers optional Windows-based FMTAP documentation and analysis software for maximum versatility in waveform storage, manipulation, analysis, and database building for historical or trend analysis.

New High Dynamic Range Option

Additional versatility is provided by a new high dynamic range option for single-mode systems, which enables the user to detect fiber ends up to 200 km away at 1550 nm. This option facilitates the use of the TekRanger 2 for testing long-distance or lossy fiber networks.

Other New Features

The TekRanger 2 also includes:

  • New mini-DIN keyboard port and optional keyboard--the keyboard increases productivity by enabling quick and easy entry of data such as event notes, fiber notes and file names. Additionally, the keyboard can be connected and used without reinitializing the mini-OTDR, which saves time.

  • Larger, transflective high-definition display--making it easier to visually identify fiber events under all lighting conditions.


The TFS3031 TekRanger 2 is available now. Customers owning the original TekRanger or FMTAP who wish to upgrade to the TekRanger 2 or FMTAP 3.0 should contact their nearest field offices.

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